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COMING OUT was originally produced at The Abbey Theater of Dublin, in Dublin, Ohio, October 4-19, 2013, by Creatures Plays Corporation, and was presented by special arrangement with Riverdale Literary Holdings, Inc.

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COMING OUT Script, Acting Edition

The acting edition is intended for use by companies producing COMING OUT on stage, and contains no extras. Printed on one side of the page on 8.5"x11" paper, in standard Dramatists Guild format. Perfect bound.

Acting Script




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For faster service and lower pricing, we recommend that scripts be purchased from Amazon.com, using the links provided below. Programs and other souvenirs are only available from this web site.

Script, Acting Edition

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Reading Script



Smaller (8.5"x5.5") edition, includes complete script, plus author's notes, costume suggestions, furniture and prop lists, and production history. This is the most common script format for schools and community theaters.

COMING OUT Script, Reading Edition

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Script, Reading Edition

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COMING OUT Script, Kindle Edition

The Kindle edition is available for purchase only through Amazon.com, and includes the same content as the Reading Edition formatted for the Amazon Kindle reading devices.

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Script, Kindle Edition

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NOTE: If you are producing COMING OUT, only printed scripts qualify for purchase requirement.

COMING OUT, Original Production Program

The program from the original Dublin production. Author signature and inscription available upon request.





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