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COMING OUT was originally produced at The Abbey Theater of Dublin, in Dublin, Ohio, October 4-19, 2013, by Creatures Plays Corporation, and was presented by special arrangement with Riverdale Literary Holdings, Inc.

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Photos From the Original Dublin Production

Added October 4, 2013. Photos from the dress rehearsal/preview on October 3.

George Anderson and sister Ellen (Jai Furlong, Ashley Collins) asking big brother Rev. James Anderson (Jim LeVally) an embarrassing question. Parents Bob and Susan Anderson (J.T. McDaniel, Brenda Newsom) watch from their easy chairs, while James’ wife Karen (Martha Kathryn Smith) seems to be trying to disappear and Ellen’s husband Mark (Chris Wharton) keeps an eye on things. (Photo credit: Colleen Dunne)

(Left to right) Brenda Newsom as Susan Anderson, Grace Rinehart as Carol Burgess, Martha Kathryn Smith as Karen Anderson, J.T. McDaniel as Bob Anderson, Ashley Collins as Ellen Anderson Winston and, rear, Jim LeVally as James Anderson, in a scene from the original production of J.T. McDaniel’s dark comedy COMING OUT. (Photo credit: Colleen Dunne)

Rev. James Anderson’s (Jim LeVally) efforts to get at his wife Karen (Martha Kathryn Smith) is thwarted by younger brother George (Jai Furlong). Sister Ellen Anderson Winston (Ashley Collins) rises from the love seat, while mother Susan Anderson takes it all in. (Photo credit: Colleen Dunne)

Martha Kathryn Smith as Karen Anderson recalls a long history of abuse from her husband, while Brenda Newsom as Susan Anderson tries to absorb these disturbing revelations about her eldest son. (Photo credit: Colleen Dunne)

(Left) Brenda Newsom as Susan Anderson and J.T. McDaniel as Bob Anderson retreat to the front porch to discuss their feuding children in the first act of COMING OUT at The Abbey Theater of Dublin on October 3, 2013. (Photo credit: Colleen Dunne)

(Right) Jim LeVally as Rev. James Anderson confronts Martha Kathryn Smith as his wife, Karen Anderson, with Will ‘TuTail’ Smith, as Eric Simpson, keeping an eye on things. (Photo credit: Colleen Dunne)